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James Howard Kuntsler: How Bad Architecture Wrecked Cities

James Howard Kuntsler is an outspoken, foul-mouthed critic of modern American suburbia, particularly our wasteful suburban design strategies and drab public space architecture that amounts to soulless communities and “places not worth caring about”. I’m not a huge fan of Kuntsler’s typical brashness, but he is right on in his damnation of bad public spaces.

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99% Invisible: Skateboarding and the Control of Public Space

I could probably devote this blog entirely to promoting each new 99% Invisible podcast because the series is just so damn interesting. But for now, I’ll just highlight a recent episode focusing on skateboarding in Philadelphia’s famous LOVE Park and the city’s efforts to crack down on the “anti-social” behavior. Kudos to park designer Edmund Bacon for standing up for his original design and supporting the organic use of his park as a skateboarding mecca.


Photo by Robert Francis

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